St. Louis Divorce Co-Mediation

Divorce attorney, Jennifer Rench, has teamed up with divorce financial advisor, Nicole Davis, to offer divorce co-mediation in St. Louis. An attorney and a financial advisor working together brings a unique combination of skills to the divorce mediation process to better serve all types of clients.

Co-mediation can improve the quality of mediation and the outcome. Having two mediators at the table can be beneficial in many ways.

In complex situations, having one mediator that is experienced in divorce and family law and another that is skilled in divorce financial issues creates a team that is well equipped to help you explore options and reach agreements in even the most complex situations. Even couples that have less complex issues can benefit from this team approach because two mediators can divide tasks and concentrate focus on different areas, which oftentimes accelerates the process.

You may be concerned that having two well-skilled professionals at the table costs more than a single-mediator process. Jennifer and Nicole worked together to develop a fee structure and a streamlined process that addresses this concern. As a team, Nicole and Jennifer charge a combined hourly rate of $250 per hour, which is comparable or even less than the cost of some solo St. Louis divorce mediators.

If you cannot afford the fee, you may apply for our fee reduction program. Click here to download our Co-Mediation Fee Reduction Request and to see the sliding scale fee we can offer.

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