We Can Help You With Family Law Matters in St. Louis.

Divorce Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution & More

Jennifer Rench is an attorney and mediator who helps families transition through divorce and plan for their loved ones. She acts as a trusted advisor to her clients while helping them prevent turmoil in the future.

Jennifer Rench has handled hundreds and hundreds of family law matters and knows that no two situations are the same. She listens to the needs of her clients and then advises them how to resolve their issues and minimize conflict. Lower conflict leads to cost efficiency and the best chance for a lasting successful outcome. Attorney Jennifer Rench represents people in the following family law matters:

- Divorce
- Divorce Mediation
- Child custody & child support
- Division of marital assets & marital debts
- Paternity
- Post-Divorce Modification
- Modify Parenting Plan
- Collaborative Divorce
- Legal Separation
- Adoption

Private mediation offers an alternative to court that allows you to resolve your divorce, custody, support and property disputes in a respectful, efficient and affordable manner. Attorney Jennifer Rench is a trained family law mediator, helping parties to identify their interests, address their conflict, and resolve their disputes without the frustration and cost of litigation and without loosing control over their decisions.

- divorce mediation
- mediate post-divorce parenting disputes
- modification mediation

Estate planning is an act of love. Planning for your death beats leaving turmoil for your family in probate court. It also relieves the stress of your family members having to guess at your medical decisions. Whether you need a simple Will or want to protect your children's inheritance, Attorney Jennifer Rench can help.

- Last Will and Testament
- Medical Power of Attorney
- Financial Power of Attorney
- Healthcare Directive (Living Will)
- Planning to avoid Probate Court

Jennifer Rench is licenced to practice law anywhere in the state of Missouri and in the United States District Court in the Eastern District of Missouri. Most of her clients live in the following counties:

- St. Louis County
- St. Louis City
- St. Charles
- Jefferson County
- St. Francois County
- Lincoln County
- other areas in Missouri